about us

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Roberto and Liz are the proud founders of el hummingbird, a unique company showcasing Peru’s amazing history and culture through the handmade works of its artisan communities. Despite calling Australia home, and after only being together for a short while, Roberto and Liz embarked on a whirlwind trip to South America back in 2010 where they discovered a mutual love of Peruvian gastronomy and culture as well as reconnecting with Roberto’s Peruvian roots. Roberto has a strong link with Peru and its culture, with his family calling this land home since the 16th century, and some of them still residing in the small Andean town of Pampacolca situated at 3000m above sea level.

Such is their connection with this land that Roberto and Liz now travel to Peru every year and stay for months at a time, reconnecting with existing suppliers and artisans, as well as discovering new ones. Their strong connection and appreciation of Peruvian culture and people is what Roberto and Liz aim to convey through the beautiful handcrafted products they select and sell through el hummingbird.

Every piece is carefully selected and sourced in person from trusted local artisans, so el hummingbird’s customers can be assured that all products are incredibly unique and authentic. Roberto and Liz love the people they meet on their travels and are always focused on giving something back to these communities.