Carryall tote bag handmade using a traditional Peruvian frazada.  We are so excited to be designing bags now especially from one of our favourite products - frazadas. 

Our frazadas are mainly sourced from villages around the Cuzco region, approximately 3400 metres up in the Andean mountains of Peru. Using the same techniques as countless generations before them, artisans take about a month to complete just one frazada. Made from sheep's wool and coloured with natural dyes they are luxuriously thick and each one is unique in colour, texture and design, ensuring that no two pieces are the same.

Durable and strong with its dark denim exterior and cotton lining. It also has a zip up top, large internal pouch, and internal zip-up pocket.

Strap length: 35cm
Width: 54cm
Height: 41cm
Base: 16cm x 41cm